Michelle texted him at two in the morning.

Do you ever feel like you’re losing your mind

Yeah, he replied, sometimes.

What do you do about it

I close my eyes and try to think about nothing for a while. Sometimes I count my breath to ten and then back to zero. I do that over and over for a while until I’m thinking about nothing and it’s like, I’m sleeping or something. But I’m not. You should do that.

She texted, Yeah yeah

Adam hated that Michelle didn’t punctuate the end of her texts. It made him cringe for some reason. He couldn’t help it. They got in a huge fight about it once. She told him he needed to grow up before slamming the front door in his face. They didn’t hang out for two weeks. But one day she acted like nothing had happened.

She texted again, I mean, I’ll try it. Thanks

He put his phone on vibrate. A few minutes later it vibrated.

Can I come over

Adam deleted two unsent replies before falling asleep.

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